SCREEENR Release notes – February 2022

SCREEENR Release notes – February 2022

Release notes are separated into two parts, depending on the SCREEENR CLOUD elements. The three parts of the cloud components are the DESIGNER, the MANAGER and the PLAYER.

Release notes – February 2022


Text Widget: Number formatting
Text within text widgets can be pre-formatted by size and separators

Transition Container Widget
Moving widgets together by adding a container over the widgets. This container will move every widgets inside the container horizontally and vertically.
Setting the speed of the moving widget is possible (slow / normal / faster / fast)

QRCode Widget
QRCode widget arrived, that will show the Device ID by default, but you can override it with a text value
Adding data binding to a QRCode widget will be only visible if the value is undefined. For example you can set data binding to context: EAN and the QRCode will be visible only if EAN is not given in the context variables of the device
EAN based pairing is easier

Data binding
Mapping fallback value: set a fallback value to a data binding mapping. If the bound value isn’t mapped the fallback value will be rendered
Bind as Value: alternative way of binding has been added what leaves rendering untouched
Widget List: create lists based on data sources. Simply create widgets for the first item of the list, bind these widgets with a path based on the first item of the data list, then create a list in Page sider and add these widgets to the list.
Fetch Endpoint (Headers): Add http headers to Fetch type data endpoints


Managed Datasources
Admins can upload JSON files by this feature a managed datasource can be manually updated

Site attributes describe the site in a structured, understandable way


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