Virtual Sommelier – The bridge between online and offline

Virtual Sommelier – The bridge between online and offline

Digital signage solutions can help retailers to solve many customer related challenges in their own area of operation if the approach and the application of the supplier is customized for their specific needs. Handling digitalization, innovation and building an outstanding in-store digital experience are the cornerstones of the modern retail brands worldwide.

The client

The leader of supermarket and grocery retail in Italy, with strong strategic investment focus. Their multi-channel approach is unique in the market paired with innovative digital solutions.


  • Established in 1962
  • Associates 2348 retailers
  • Supermarkets all over Italy
  • Wide range of products from food, drinks and consumer goods
Grocery retail

The Goals

The grocery store chain wanted to focus on digital savvy solutions, since it is already in their vein. Secondly they wanted to provide effective and tangible advice and support to their clients. Thirdly they wanted to educate and make wines an important part of the culinary culture and experience.

The Challenge

They wanted a solution that helps them to excel in the below four important aspects:


  1. In-store digital advise for selecting the right wines to occasions and dishes
  2. Assisting the customer in finding the selected wines on the shelves
  3. Creation of seamless in-store digital experience with actionable support
  4. Increase cart value and consumption of wine without personal sales assistance

The Solution – Creating in-store digital experience

The concept answers all the challenges the client faced, the phases of the customer journey that drive to buying decisions

Implementation of SCREEENR Digital Interaction Platform as the core of the digital experience

Implementation of digital touch screen(s)

Implementing Electronic Price Labels with leds

Integrating product data (prices, names, countries, matching dishes etc.)


Optimization and maintenance of the system based on sales data

Low maintenance costs ensured by direct data feed from the existing systems

Digital advisor solution

The in-store digital experience

Selecting product on advisor


Customers navigate through the screen comparing, matching, selecting wines and related goods


Product recommendation screen


Smart system recommends a selection of wines based even on the dish the customer plans to have

Blinking price label


The selected wines’ electronic price label is blinking and indicates the whereabout


The results

  • 98% increase in the consumption of exclusive wines
  • 32% less time spent on searching for wines on the selves
  • 16% less time spent on waiting for the shop advisors
Result presentation