Digital assistance on-the-spot – SCREEENFORMER

Digital assistance on-the-spot – SCREEENFORMER

Digital assistance with digital signage technology can support retailers’ efforts to solve in-store customer experience challenges. In-store interaction solutions empower brands to create outstanding on-the-spot offline information sharing and assistance experience, providing and incomparably strong brand consistency across all channels. Bringing the online customer experience in-store as the continuation of the customer experience journey is one of the cornerstones of retail brands worldwide.

The client

The leader of quality electronics retail in Italy, keen to form the retail landscape that is both complex and exciting. They are always with one foot in building the future to create solutions that truly help people when they need it. They believe in physical stores, in digital and in the powerful combination of the two.


  • Established in 1967
  • Located in over 22 countries
  • Over 370 stores all over Italy
  • Wide range of products from household appliances, computers, phones, photography, televisions, audio and Hi-Fi
Electronic appliance experience

The Goals

The client’s first objective was to include physical store experience into the customer experience journey. Secondly they were keen on helping consumers with effective advice and sales support on-the-spot. Most importantly they were focused on effectively building an omnichannel strategy to stay in touch with customers on all communication channels.

The Challenge

Solving their in-store digital experience challenges in the following 4 perspectives:


  1. Informing the consumers in-store about all the features of each television separately
  2. Assisting the customer in finding the right television with incomparable digital experience
  3. Edit the price changes and discounts centrally directly on the televisions
  4. Go paperless with the help of a digital savvy solution

The Solution – Digital assistance driving in-store customer experience


In-store assistance and customer experience was put in the heart of the concept. The main focus was on building omnichannel brand consistency throughout the customer journey.

  1. Inform customers about TV set features
  2. Assisting buyers to find the most fitted TV set in-store
  3. Ablility to customize the offers on-the-spot
  4. Go paperless for cost reduction and speed

Implementation of SCREEENR Digital Interaction Platform as the core of the digital experience

Implementation of custom application content to show the selected TV sets

Integrating data of the TV sets (prices, names, features)


Optimization and maintenance of the system based on sales data

Low maintenance costs ensured by direct data feed from the existing systems

Continuous elimination of in-store paper marketing materials

Digital assistance in-store

Digital assistance towards unique customer experience

Product features on screen


All TV set has its own product information and feature list directly on the screen and could be changed centrally real-time

Informed customers


All TV information is visible without any paper stickers what makes it easy for the customers to learn and inform about them

Customers filtering products


Buyers can even filter and select the most appropriate TV set on a digital screen with smart filtering


Indicates whereabout


The selected TV set’s screen is blinking and indicates the whereabout


The results

  • 100% decrease in digital in-store campaign implementation time
  • 98% increase in the effectiveness of combining omnichannel strategies
  • 32% less time spent on searching for shop assistants to collect the needed information
  • 25% less paper usage and printing costs