Digital signage as a business booster

Digital signage as a business booster

Digital signage continues its reign in retail industry and getting more and more important in boosting business. Everyone awaited a drop in the usage, because of the pandemic era, but the numbers show that it is still influencing the retailtech investments. Digital signage helped many brands to stay ahead of the competitors by providing an incomparable digital in-store experience. Customers are still searching for digital interactions in stores, because they already got used to the online world. What brands need to focus on more in the future is the importance of interactions within their premises to build the best experience and in-store digital customer journey to stay ahead of the competition.

Digital signage efficiency in numbers

Let us see some statistics here about the missed opportunities for brands if they do not implement digital signage solutions into their marketing efforts.



of the information transmitted to the brain is visual

digital display


more views could be captured by digital displays than static or text displays

Brand awareness


brand awareness is effected by digital customer experience

Repeated purchases


growth digital signage brings in repeated purchases

Consumption growth


increase on average consumption can be realized

Customer satisfaction


increase in customer satisfaction because of in-store digital interactions

Entering store


of people enter premises they never been before because of digital screens

Eye catching


of people paid for product or service because its signage caught their eyes

The numbers are impressive and they are continuously growing since years and customer preference for speed, convenience and consistency has deepened in recent years. The quick changes in online shopping experience and the new communication channels has heightened customers’ desire for a smooth, seamless experience. Buyers demand brands to deliver the same experience regardless of how they are interacting with your brand. Companies should bring online, mobile, social media and in-store experience to the same level.

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