SCREEENR hardware accessories are designed to fulfil your specific needs on top of usual requirements to provide outstanding digital experience to your audience.

SCREEENR hardware assessories

Digital Signage Hardware Accessories
Digital Interaction Platform

Digital signage hardware accessories provide outstanding benefits many industries like retail, transportation, cafés, department stores and corporate communications. We carefully selected our hardware accessories to fulfil the special needs of the in-premise experience journey.

Hardware accessories are tested to fit in our Digital Interaction Platform – SCREEENR and works seamlessly together with our digital signage cloud solution. All hardware products within the assessory range serve to fulfil any specialties and unique functionalities to increase the in-store digital customer experience.


Flexibility for the best experience

A-frame is our flagship accessory, thanks to its flexibility what makes it practical and gorgeous.

  • 40”, 43” or 55”
  • Touch or Non-touch
  • Robust, but still easy to move
  • On-wall or standing
  • Landscape or portrait
  • With or without battery
  • Black or white
A-frame digital signage assessory
InteractR hardware assessory


On-the-spot interactivity

InteractR is small in size, but endless when it comes to possibilities. It grabs attention, interacts and amuses. Designed specially for premium product placements.

  • 5.5”, multi-purpose and compact design

  • Built-in to any store furniture or stand

  • Interacting and handy digital influencer

  • A store assisstant for premium products, cutting corners in the buyer journey


Durability for any circumstances

DuraSCREEN is our most durable digital signage hardware assessory. Its durability helps to use it even under hard industrial conditions.

  • 11.6” and aluminium alloy
  • Industrial appearance
  • Silent heat dissipation
  • Dust and waterproof alloy
  • Touchscreen
  • Robust, but interactive
  • With or without stand
Digital signage assessory - Durascreen
NgageR - engaging digital screen


Interact at every stage

NgageR is especially designed as a table top device. Easy to read and interact with.

  • 10.1”, cheerfully colored alloy

  • Practical stand with needful sockets

  • Touchscreen for instant interactions

  • Easy to read, thanks to the angle of the screen

  • Easy installation and handling


Double experience, huge social engagement

Duplicate the engagement of your guests with the 2NgageR device. Fun, practical and well-designed. It stimulates sharing and social interactions for seamless experience.

  • 10.1”, multi-purpose, double-design
  • Stands alone on top of furniture
  • Influencing fun activities and sharing
  • Easy to read, implement and handle
  • Duplicates the possibilities for engagement
Double engagement digital signage assessories
Great view with digital signage harware assessories


Comfortability for enhanced experience

ComfortviewR is designed for the top of assortment presentation tables to stimulate customers to interact. Comfortability with digital signage hardware accessories.

  • 10.1”, ergonomic alloy

  • Drives attention to stimulate informed buying decisions

  • Touchscreen for instant interactions

  • Easy to read, thanks to the angle of the screen

  • Easy installation and handling

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