We help you make digital interactions where and when it matters the most and transform them into a bonding force for well-informed and engaged users at all level.

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Our Approach

Create the best
digital experience

There are several factors which you need to focus on, when you choose to engage or inform your audience. The three key principles we, at AISS Technologies set out when we envisioned to make the mastery of digital interactions possible:


The most important aspect of displaying digital content – when speaking about user experience – is the reliable playback. That is why we designed our media players and optimization hubs to work together seamlessly to provide the best experience your viewer deserves.


Drive and Control

You need to drive the attention of your customers, employees, visitors and users; manage the content you want to share centrally. Our digital interaction platform gives the control in your hands with unlimited possibilities. Manage your content in time and place on all screens independently and simultaneously.

Personalized Interactions

For us digital signage goes hand-in-hand with personalized interactions which allow end users to interact with digital content via touchscreens, sensors or QR codes. It gives the essence of digital interactions. Bringing the online experience offline.

Our Solutions

Enjoy to benefits of your digital interactions


Flexible and scalable
  • Real-time change of content or data
  • Remote management and control of unlimited screens
  • Adding new premises, screens or applications with ease
  • Easy data integration from various systems
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Accessible with current hardware setup
  • Hardware is designed for the platform
  • 24/7 stable and superior playback
  • Remote support possibility
  • Instant change management
  • Auto-updates
  • High-level authentication
  • Central user management
  • User access restrictions
  • User-friendly content management

  • Simple hardware operation from the cloud

  • No need for software installation and long trainings


  • Make your premises stand-out with outstanding digital visitor experience
  • Increase impulsive sales and traffic by using eye- catching, dynamic, visual content
  • Push your special offers real-time to interact at every stage
  • Capture more views of your targeted messages
  • Boost customer experience with extraordinary visuals
  • Allow your visitors to interact with your brand
  • Inform your visitors real-time
  • Bring the online experience offline
  • Control in-store digital marketing centrally within multi-channel campaigns
  • Open new ways of digital communication
Save costs
  • Inform your customers to make your salespeople focus on closing deals
  • Forget costly and time-consuming printed marketing materials
  • Save the nature

Our industries

Make impact when and where it matters the most

We make you master your digital interactions through our digital signage platform no matter what industry or sector your business or organization is in. Engage your customers, employees, visitors or passengers with incomparable digital experience.

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Our Digital Interaction Platform

Freedom to create, manage and run your digital content

Our platform allows you to share a large variety of digital content, to manage everything centrally in the cloud, enabling you to create real, personalized interactions through smart technology.


Interact on all level

The latest insights, ideas, and news from the world of digital signage. Explore up-to-date content on the trends shaping the future of digital interactions throughout the entire customer journey in many industries.

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