Master your digital interactions with SCREEENR digital signage platform. Enjoy the freedom to deliver real-time, on-premise audio-visual content to any screen boosting digital experience and consumption.

Digital signage platform model

Digital Interaction Platform

Our digital signage platform has been designed to empower you to show a large variety of digital content, consistently and with minimal playback interruption. It allows you to manage everything centrally in the cloud, no matter where your screens are located, using content that goes beyond just videos or images, enabling you to create real, personalized interactions through smart technology.

We engineered every element to work seamlessly together. The cloud-based software and the high-performance hardware are the best components for your digital interactions.

Digital Interaction Platform software cloud element


Digital signage platform without limitation

  • Create digital signage content with brand-consistency, interactivity and optimized for any digital display.
  • Control playlists to deliver the right content to the right place at the right time, elevating your digital interaction network.
  • Support your playback with outstanding technology and superior performance.


Compatibility for superior performance

Our digital signage hardware solutions has been designed to work together with the SCREEENR CLOUD to deliver the most engaging interactive experience.
They are engineered and tested for:

  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Stability
Digital Interaction Platform hardware elements
Digital signage hardware assessories

SCREEENR Accessories

Quality digital signage hardware solutions for your digital interactions

We help you select the best possible digital signage accessories for any of your specific requirements. There are situations when the off-the-selves products are simply not enough, like external usage of digital signage technology etc.

  • For every specific needs
  • Robust built and endurance
  • Remote controlled battery
  • Highly reliable touch interface
  • Elegant design