Corporate communication

Boost your employer brand through digital interactions towards and amongst employees. Streamline employee experience

Corporate digital signage communication

Digital signage for corporate communication

Sharing information on corporate digital signage, like video walls and touchscreens creates a better work environment. Workplace digital signage solutions such as wayfinding and safety instructions displayed improve the overall quality employee experience. Benefit from the ready corporate web pages, emails and announcements!

Corporate communication can make use of the corporate digital signage solutions in employer branding and digitization. Organizations are facing digital transformation problems, because they do not match their internal digital communication practices with their external efforts. Digital signage for corporate communications can be the key in making digital interaction internally.

Interactions on corporate level

Inform your employees digitally and real-time

1. Showcase useful information through digital signage, like announcements, events and safety messages
2. Ease up cross-departmental employee communication
3. Boost your employer branding with unique employee experience
Digital signage for corporate communication

Key business benefits


  • Make your premises stand-out with outstanding digital visitor experience
  • Increase implusive sales and traffic by using eye- catching, dynamic, visual content


  • Push your special offers real-time to interact at every stage
  • Capture more views of your targeted messages


  • Boost customer experience with extraordinary visuals
  • Allow your visitors to interact with your brand
  • Inform your visitors real-time
  • Bring the online experience offline


  • Control in-store digital marketing centrally within multi-channel campaigns
  • Open new ways of digital communication

Save costs

  • Inform your customers to make your salespeople focus on closing deals
  • Forget costly and time-consuming printed marketing materials
  • Save the nature


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