The SCREEENR hardware core platform components are designed for performance, stability and seamless playpack. Empowering you to give the best digital experience to your audience.

Digital signage harware

Digital Signage Hardware Core
Digital Interaction Platform

Retail, transportation, cafés, property management and corporate communications are industries benefiting from digital signage hardware solutions. We planned and designed our hardware to contribute most to your digital interactions with your customers, visitors and employees.

All our hardware are engineered and tested to fit in our Digital Interaction Platform – SCREEENR and works seamlessly together with our digital signage cloud solution. We provide in-house developed hardware solutions with features to improve content generation and roll-out — including playback, large-scale player hardware and optimization hubs.

Our devices offer playback support and full device monitoring, they are ideal for any type and size of businesses that want to provide digital interactions at all level.

SCREEENR Media Player

Seamless digital playback experience

Designed and developed by our engineering team, the media player works seamlessly with the SCREEENR digital signage platform.

  • From entry-level to enterprise requirements
  • Robust simplicity
  • Uncomparable playback quality
  • Optimized architecture
  • Superior performance
Screeenr Media Player
Screeenr Optimization Hub

SCREEENR Optimization Hub

Level up the value of your digital interactions

SCREEENR Optimization Hub is the answer for reliable digital signage experience. Deliver
rapidly changing content to any screen without delays.

  • Deliver digital experience without delay
  • Scale-up local digital signage hardware network without bandwidth issues
  • Boost the viewers interaction experience
  • Save a fortune instead of buying additional bandwidth

SCREEENR Assessories

Quality digital signage hardware solutions for your digital interactions

We help you select the best possible digital signage assessories for any of your specific requirements. There are situations when the off-the-selves products are simply not enough, like external usage of digital signage technology etc.

  • For every specific needs
  • Robust built and endurance
  • Remote controlled battery
  • Highly reliable touch interface
  • Elegant design
Digital signage hardware assessories

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