The SCREEENR digital signage platform cloud components are the heart of the digital interaction platform. Giving you the freedom to seamlessly create, manage and run contents in one or thousands of displays independently.

Screeener digital signage cloud


The SCREEENR CLOUD consists of Content Manager, Content Designer and Player Element. These components work perfectly together to empower you creating and deploying digital interactive experiences.

From content creation, playlist building and scheduling to content delivery, SCREEENR Digital Interaction Platform makes it easy and intuitive for you to master your digital interactions. Create and deliver your digital experiences with confidence, knowing SCREEENR digital signage cloud platform will never turn you down.

Content Designer

Content Designer is an easy-to-use, intuitive, cloud-based, drag&drop design tool that helps users to design awesome, compelling and engaging digital interactions. It is reliable with workflows to share, modify and manage digital signage creations.

Content Manager

Our Content Manager is the control center of your digital signage platform, empowering you to manage, control and schedule content in one or thousands of screens at any locations. It gives you the confidence that you interact at the right time, the right place with the right audience.

Player Element

The Player Element is responsible for stable and reliable playback even if your network connection is unstable. It forwards content to SCREEENR Media Players using smart delivery technology.
Screeener digital signage platform

Content Designer

Interact with eye-catching, dynamic, visual content

The intuitive digital signage cloud interface simplyfies the combination of content types such as text, data, images, graphics, video and animation for the ultimate engaging experience.

  • Drag&Drop creator
  • Easy data integration
  • Numerous content types
  • Endless design possibilities
  • Pre-set screen sizes and combinations
  • Include any webpages directly in your design

Content Manager

Control your digital interactions in the cloud

The digital signage cloud Content Manager allows you to manage and control your content live or schedule it based on business data. It empowers you to simply deploy content to your digital signage network, with several or thousands of media players, directly from the cloud.

  • Pair your content intuitively with any screen
  • Schedule your content or change the playback live
  • Manage your screens remotely
  • Elevate your special offers real-time
  • Control your in-store digital marketing channel centrally
Screeenr Content Manager

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