SCREEENR Frissítési információk – 2022 Február

SCREEENR Frissítési információk – 2022 Február

A SCREEENR Platform frissítési információit két részre bontottuk attól függően, hogy a platform melyik fő részegységét érinti. A platform cloud szoftver komponensei a DESIGNER, a MENEDZSER és a LEJÁTSZÓ.

Frissítési információk – 2022 Február


Text Widget: Number formatting
Text within text widgets can be pre-formatted by size and separators

Transition Container Widget
Moving widgets together by adding a container over the widgets. This container will move every widgets inside the container horizontally and vertically.
Setting the speed of the moving widget is possible (slow / normal / faster / fast)

QRCode Widget
QRCode widget arrived, that will show the Device ID by default, but you can override it with a text value
Adding data binding to a QRCode widget will be only visible if the value is undefined. For example you can set data binding to context: EAN and the QRCode will be visible only if EAN is not given in the context variables of the device
EAN based pairing is easier

Data binding
Mapping fallback value: set a fallback value to a data binding mapping. If the bound value isn’t mapped the fallback value will be rendered
Bind as Value: alternative way of binding has been added what leaves rendering untouched
Widget List: create lists based on data sources. Simply create widgets for the first item of the list, bind these widgets with a path based on the first item of the data list, then create a list in Page sider and add these widgets to the list.
Fetch Endpoint (Headers): Add http headers to Fetch type data endpoints


Managed Datasources
Admins can upload JSON files by this feature a managed datasource can be manually updated

Site attributes describe the site in a structured, understandable way


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