SCREEENR Release notes – January 2022

SCREEENR Release notes – January 2022

Release notes are separated into two parts, depending on the SCREEENR CLOUD elements. The three parts of the cloud components are the DESIGNER, the MANAGER and the PLAYER.

Release notes – January 2022


The new sendRequest event handler has been added for sending fetch requests to an API automatically with ease

iFrame widget
iFrame widget added. Opened the possibility to add an intergrated iframe with ease (url based) as part of the content

Customer Fonts
Custom fonts can be placed in assets enabling to follow brand guidelines


Managed Datasources
New column on Managed Datasources added
External ID helps using pushing managed data instead of pulling
The usage of fetch / force fetch is implemented to manually trigger data refresh

Custom font upload in assets in supported formats (ttf, otf, woff, woff2)


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