Where do people buy?

Where they feel prepared to buy the right product.
With AISS technology – that place will be your store!

Our interactive adviser systems
facilitate instant buying decisions by eliminating
the need for further online lookups.

  • they grab customers’ attention
  • let them search for the suitable product
  • display all essential information
  • display current price
  • provide useful statistics about customers’ behaviour


Good news: offline stores have a bright future. How do we know? 
We have been building it for years!

Customers like to touch, feel, experience products in the stores... then they used to go home to learn more about them... and purchase them online.
The only way to catch up with web-shops is to provide high-tech, user friendly services for customers in order to help them come to a final decision to buy a certain device right in the store. We develop Advanced Interactive Store Systems for this very purpose.



We increase store sales

- eye-catchy
- improve shopping experience
- helps to gather all information needed to pick and buy a device

We reduce store costs

- no need for extra human resource, staff training, leaflets etc.

We ready-to-use solutions

- name your products and we install and configure touchscreens, device holders, tailor-made shelves etc.


We have been developing AISS SINCE 2011

Our systems operate in more than 350 STORES already

We are present in 14 COUNTRIES


Csaba Fazekas

chief executive officer

Endre Őri
chief executive officer, founder

Dávid Székely
chief technology officer


Different devices need different advisers so we’ve developed three systems for three distinct categories of products.

Mobile Phone / Tablet Adviser (MPA/TA)

This system consists of a touchscreen (with camera), a PC, a managing box and a security system assembled together in a designed, practical light metal shell.
Security cradles hold devices; LEDs indicate phones suitable for given requirements; touchscreen let customers narrow down the range and get detailed information of any device.
MPA is a complete system of software (interface, administration, backend) and hardware.Features

  • user-friendly

advanced search (filtering options)

displays specification, accessories, prices, rates, discounts, availability etc.

compares phones and tariffs

  • links actual devices to virtual operations

selected phones (touchscreen) are highlighted with LEDS (cradle)

information on picked up device (cradle) appears instantly (touchscreen)

  • self-acting

cradles guard and charge devices

  •  intelligent

with face recognition MPA is able to determine customers age and gender

log events  -  alarms, customers preferences etc.

  • flexible
    • remote controlling, updating from an online database

White Good Product Adviser (WGPA)

This AISS software may run on a kiosk, on a tablet or on the Internet.

Kiosk -> WGPA works as a self-acting device for customers operate the system in order to find the most fitting product
Tablet -> a portable aid for store staff in order to help them be more competent and convincing
Online -> WGPA also can be an integrated part of your website


  • built-in energy calculator
  • advanced search (filtering options)
  • displays specification, prices, discounts, availability etc.
  • compares products

Other Product Adviser (OPA)

OPA is a complete system of software and hardware that gives a LED supported product guidance for customers.
It is similar to our Mobile Phone Adviser: it consists of a touchscreen (with camera), a PC, a managing box and a security system assembled together in a designed, practical light metal shell.
LED plates hold products while the touchscreen guides customers through the selection process.
If a device matches your customers demands, LEDs light up under the product.


  • up to 24 LED plates
  • different features can be indicated with different colours (also simultaneously)
  • advanced search (filtering option)
  • displays specification, prices, discounts, availability etc.
  • compares products
  • remote controlling, remote updating from an online database

Database services

Your company probably offers thousands of different products for sale at any given time.

Moreover, new models arrive constantly.
How could you manage to prove detailed, accurate information on each of them?!
You dont have to, we handle it from start to finish!

We have developed our own database model and interfaces (used by trained AISS administrators) to provide high quality services for you:


  • We collect specifications straight from manufacturers / distributors in order to gain accurate data.
  • If needed, we translate specification to your language.
  • We enter data into a standardized form.
  • Automatic synchronization let your AISS touchscreen display specification of the new device right away.


Until now there are at least 40,000 products in our database!





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Fazekas Csaba

Endre Őri
CEO, Founder

Dávid Székely

Salgótarjáni utca 12-14., Budapest 1087, Hungary
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