SCREEENR Frissítési információk – 2021 Október

SCREEENR Frissítési információk – 2021 Október

SCREEENR Platform frissítési információit két részre bontottuk attól függően, hogy a platform melyik fő részegységét érinti. A platform cloud szoftver komponensei a DESIGNER, a MENEDZSER és a LEJÁTSZÓ.

Frissítési információk – 2021 Október


Side panels
New “Page” side panel is available with menus for Layers, Page appearance, Page background Video

Page Background Video
You can easily set background videos to pages
Background video panel shows the thumbnail of the background video and you can select the video from this panel

New events added to create better management for your content, like jumpNext, jumpPrevious, now they work without target jump to next/previous page.

New Assets panel
Masonry layout with infinite scrolling, expandability for searching, built-in filters by name, category, and orientation
Asset selectors got design re-fresh

Image Creator cursor
Possibility to create placeholder images with the image creator cursor

Pages bar update
Preview for pages, expandability to search for previews of each page, possibility to re-order pages with simple drag&drop functionality

Saved Style defaults
Default settings are saved with the content


User bar
User information is at the top bar for convenience

Data Table UI changes
Updated Create buttons, auto-refresh is more compact

Saveable views
Data tables views can be customized and saved by each user (Shown columns, Column width, Column order, Rows per page, Filtering), columns are not fixed

Reset table settings
You can reset table settings to default

Improved data table performance


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