SCREEENR Frissítési információk – 2021 November

SCREEENR Frissítési információk – 2021 November

SCREEENR Platform frissítési információit két részre bontottuk attól függően, hogy a platform melyik fő részegységét érinti. A platform cloud szoftver komponensei a DESIGNER, a MENEDZSER és a LEJÁTSZÓ.

Frissítési információk – 2021 November


Creation of more fluid contents made possible with new event categories, like page events and idle events
Events are now visible on the canvas in events layer

Quick Actions
Quick actions (style property changes, asset changes, multiple object alignment and object fit) for text/image widgets and multiselection has been added

Sticky page
You can make one page sticky under Page side panel. Sticky page will be displayed over other pages to show widgets over any page

You can expand editor to fullscreen mode from the toolbar

Validation check before save
If there is a conflict in you content the editor will not let you save it, but it will show you an error message about your conflicts, what could possibly lead to malfunctions in playback like mutliple navigations in navigation type event or idle event with navigation type page events


Data Table UI changes
Column width can be changed with the mouse directly in the table

Remote management and status check made easier
New column on Devices with “device status” – displays 3 values: Offline, Online (fallback) and Online


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